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Today is the worst...


There is nothing. Nothing. That could happen today to make me smile.
Adults are the worst. Don't they want you to be happy?
I'm so frustrated. I'm sick to the point of killing myself.
They don't hear anything but what the want to hear.
I'm fucking insane. But they're fucking insanity. They make me who I am.
I want them to dissappear. I want to be alone so that nothing can hurt me.
I want Ageha to hold me and make everything better. But he can't. But he won't.
I think I blew it with him. Today was the worst. I yelled "Don't you care about my feelings?!" when he told me that he had gotten a girlfriend. I recall he said "You should get one too!" Then I yelled it. How awful. I can't see him right now. Actually, he's busy with his girlfriend. I hate her. If only she'd dissappear with my parents. 

I'm with Ageha.

He has no idea what I'm writing because he doesn't speak or read any English!
Silly Ageha. You're such a dork. That's why I love you!
I asked him if he had anything to say just now...
He said: "You're a little heavy, Makoto. Can you finish soon?"
It's funny.
I hope we sleep together!

~Makoto~ Safe and sound. 

I recieved a C...

 This is not a good thing. My father will be very angry and... I don't know but he's going to kill me! Take the knife from the kitchen and stab me! Don't mistake me. He wouldn't do that... I'm just afraid.

This is a bad way to start my LiveJournal. My name is Makoto. I have been studying English in and out of school and because of my father pushing me so hard while I practiced it, I have become fluent. Questions? Just ask me. I have a sister named Ayami, and my best friend's name is Ageha *Boy*.

Speaking of Ageha. I will probably leave the house soon and go stay at his house... I'm scared...

Did I mention I live in Tokyo?